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Father Lafleur Memorial Mass

Reminder: Memorial Mass was  celebrated at 6:30 PM, Monday September 7, 2015 on the anniversary of Father Lafleur’s death at St. Landry Catholic Church, 1020 North Main Street, Opelousas, Louisiana. Celebrant and Homilist: Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, J.C.D., Military Archdiocese, Washington D.C.

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Son, Cajun, Athlete, Coach, Priest, American, Soldier, Counselor, Mentor, Nurse, Hero, Inspiration, Role Model ...

How does a man impact so many people over his short lifetime? How does a man impact the lives of people worldwide over 50 years after his death? How does one man bring so many people together in memory of his life of love and sacrifice?

    A fellow Prisoner of War converted to Catholicism after admiring this man from afar, and years later his son became a Catholic priest chaplain.

    A sculptor in Italy and his family felt drawn to this man’s family while preparing a great marble monument that was to be shipped half way across the world.

    A school boy who walked the same path to the same church as an altar boy that this man once walked felt drawn to share his story with his schoolmates.

    A young priest in a rural parish takes up the cause for Father Joseph Lafleur....

This website is dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Father Joseph Verbis Lafleur.


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