Testimonials for “But He Dies Not” ...

“In a time when so many, both within the Church and society, are searching for role models, the life and death of Father Verbis Lafleur provides a splendid example of courageous faith and heroic civic virtues.  No doubt all who read this book will be inspired to live the Catholic faith with deeper commitment and service for the common good.  A timely book about God’s timely grace.”

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

“Peter and Suzanne Guerra attentively and thoughtfully chronicle the life of Father Verbis Lafleur who exemplified anew the noble words of Our Divine Savior, ‘Behold, I come to do Your Will, O God.’  (Hebrews 10:7)  I trust that the wealth of material in this original work will inspire readers to manifest in their own way the generosity of a priest whose resolute service in the military led to the supreme sacrifice.”

Reverend Monsignor Jeff DeBlanc, Jr., Pastor, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Church Point, Louisiana

“It has been said a little light goes a long way.  Father Joseph Verbis Lafleur is the ‘light’ that helped many U. S. Military Men navigate the dark rooms within themselves as they endured being prisoners of World Way II.  A blessed story, stimulating, provocative, heartfelt, a spark of illumination that helps to resolve many of life’s unanswered questions.  ‘Come see how a priest dies in battle, but dies not’ is one of those rare books that change the way you think about everything.  Father Joseph Verbis Lafleur’s life of service is as close to anything we now have to a definition of the real character of a Blessed Saint.”

Harold J. Arata, Colonel, USAF

“This book faithfully captures the essential aspects of the character of Father J. Verbis Lafleur, an exceptional member of the greatest generation.  Readers will be inspired by his unselfish dedication to his three loves:  God, country, and those committed to his care.”

Most Reverend Michael Jarrell, Bishop of Lafayette

“Reading about Father Lafleur is reading about the life of a saint.  His pastoral and saintly ministry, during ordinary and extraordinary circumstances is so inspirational. Only a saint could minister so effectively during those oppressive times”

Most Reverend William J. Dendinger, Bishop of Grand Island, Nebraska, Chaplain, Major General (Retired), Chief of the Air Force Chaplain Service

“The story of Father J. Verbis Lafleur, priest and military chaplain, is poignantly told.  He was an ordinary priest with extraordinary courage who, as a prisoner of war, ministered to the spiritual, emotional and despairing feelings of fellow prisoners under the most inhumane conditions.  He died not only as a hero, but as a priest who served others compassionately to the very end.”

Most Reverend Joseph A. Fiorenza, Archbishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

“Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Guerra has done an outstanding work in bringing before us the work of such an outstanding priest, Father J. Verbis Lafleur, a priest of the diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana.  The author keeps alive the memory of such a heroic man and also reminds us all about the devastation and cruelty of any war.  Lieutenant Colonel Guerra is skilled in bringing forth the facts in a fascinating fashion.”

Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, Archbishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

“Father Lafleur meets all my criteria for patriotism and serves as a role model for all who seek to serve their country ina multi-dimensional role.”

Dr. Billy R. Reagan, Radarman Second Class, USN and retired, General Superintendent of Schools, Houston, Texas

“A well written and documented book, bound to inspire both young and old.  The authors did a great job in presenting a remarkable priest, living his vocation, while serving his people in an extraordinary way to the very end... and beyond.”

Lawrence LeLeux, Owner, St. Francis of Assisi Religious Goods, Houston, Texas

“The outstanding heroism of Father Lafleur is a remarkable chapter in the outstanding service our military clergy performs on our battlefields as they unselfishly and bravely minister to our wounded and our dead.”

Johnny Raymond, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)

“This work chronicles the life of one of America’s greatest heroes... Father Joseph Verbis Lafleur – one who had a heart full of faith.”

Elbert Lee Guillory, State Senator, District 24, Louisiana

“Truly Father Lafleur lived a heroic life dedicated to God, his Church, country, and family.”

Reverend Monsignor John G. Fitzgerald, Pastor, Queen of Angels Catholic Church, Lompoc, California

“Having been a member of the military service over thirty years, and served overseas in the Philippine Islands, Korea, Vietnam, and several other countries as a military lawyer and judge, I happily take this opportunity to say that I have never heard of a more devoted person to the United States Army, as well as his Church, than Father Verbis Lafleur.  As much as any words I can think of, the terms hero and devotion come to mind.”

Jack Crouchet, Colonel, US Army (Retired)

“Father J. Verbis Lafleur physically embraced his fellow prisoners of war while ministering the spiritual words of God to those who were saved and continued the same passion with those he followed in death.”

Lincoln “Link” Savoie, Chief Warrant Officer (Retired), US Army

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